In the Shadow of Titans

Job 2 - A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

"My apologies for being late...."

Following the successful return of Guillaume’s statue, the party was once again contacted by Rochard for a discussion of another job over dinner. Hesitant, but ultimately willing the party agreed to meet Rochard for dinner and ultimately his master Guillaume Flinteye to hear the job.

Going by carriage to the outskirts of Port Hope, they met Guillaume at his luxurious manse. It was a simple job, four thousand crowns for the escort of the painter Val’yn Ser’ys from Hesperides to Port Hope. One thousand was to be forwarded to the party, and the other three thousand to be paid upon completion. The party hastily jumped onto the proposition.

Whilst the party prepped for departure it is here that Markog joins the party. He had gotten involved with a dwarf by the name of Fara Ovsten and had to now pay the piper as his son had come of age. Travelling upon the Blue Urchin 2 they quickly made their way oversea to Hesperides.

The party immediately found Fara Ovsten and her son Gromrund, and proceeded to discuss the future for her and Markog. It was concluded that Markog had to prove himself as a warrior in some way to bring honour to their marriage and thus prove himself a suitable husband. The party then went to Val’yn’s house to pick her up, and found out thatshe had impulsively gone to join the Ovsten expedition that recently went into the jungle. Hiring a guide the party went in after them.

What they found at the expedition camp site was a charnel house. Old corpses were everywhere, and the majority of them comprised of civilians. Investigating the site, they didn’t find enough bodies to account for the entire expedition. Deciding to camp there for the night they awoke to find a rock with a message lobbed at them. In it was the Red Claw tribe demanding the return of their captured braves in exchange for the expedition members. The party swiftly returned to Hesperides to negotiate with the government.

Upon arrival however they found out that the government there refused to negotiate with the saurians in any way, shape, or form. Convincing the desk jockey to let them see the prisoners, they quickly improvised a breakout, while almost getting raped in the process. They quickly made their way back to the expedition site.

After exchanging prisoners, another dwarven party showed up led by Rorek Ovsten; this time though they had come for vengeance. Unable to stop the Red Claw tribe or the Ovstens from battling each other, they witnessed a bloody, vicious battle that saw the Ovsten’s victorious and the Red Claws nearly wiped out. It was a sober trip back to Port Hope.



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