In the Shadow of Titans

Job 3 - The Plot Thickens

"Hear Ye, Here ye, Godin and Co are guilty for...."

We continue our tale a week after the party had returned from their journey into the Hesperides. While Godin and Haley were closing up the bar, Vurna decided to stalk some poor schmuck to fleece him for his purse. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on who you talk to, it was at this time trouble chose to rear its ugly head in the form of professor Beaumais. Running frantically he went to Vurna claiming that people were after him, and that even now they were on his tail. Bringing him back to the Whistling Lady, he frantically regaled his tale to Haley and Godin.

The group then went upstairs to gear up and make themselves ready for the intruders. It wouldn’t be too long before they arrived. The first sign was when Godin opened the door to his room to rejoin his compatriots in Haley’s space. Unfortunately the intruders were faster the draw than he was and he found himself trussed up like a hog as the intruders made their way to Haley’s room.

Attempting to play themselves off as old ladies, their ploy desperately failed as their door was broken into and battle was joined. Hesitation on Haley’s party saw her take a bullet at point blank range, but she soon acquitted herself with a flurry of arrows as she and Vurna fended them off. Tied up like a hog, it was only at the end when Godin freed himself to rejoin the fray and the intruders were soon driven out of the tavern. The Wardens appeared soon after the conflict and took statements, but with the lighting as it was they would have to come back the next day. The most they could do that day was to simply detail a few wardens to watch over the Whistling Lady. No Wardens appeared that day.

The next morning Godin left for the docks to seek a ship to head to the Black Iron while Haley and Vurna recovered from the previous night. Securing passage with Skinny Dave, Godin was hit with a shocking revelation. The party was being blamed for the disappearance of the five Wardens that appeared that night, as well as the abduction of professor Arnaud Beaumais. Rushing back quickly Godin came back to a Whistling Lady that had cops already at the front door. He settled himself in and waited. At the Whistling Lady, Haley and Vurna heard the wardens enter, and question Norman LaVerne, and heard as they began their search. Thinking to use Beaumais as proof, they aimed to surrender themselves to the wardens and have Beaumais clear their names. They were swiftly arrested, and Haley and Vurna were placed in one police carriage, whilst Beaumais was put on another. They left in two different directions.

Quick thinking on Godin’s part, found him underneath the carriage that the party was on. Waiting until the carriage had turned onto a deserted side street, Godin put his plan into action. Calling for help, brought the carriage to a stop and had a warden look underneath the carriage. He was shot in the face. From then a brutal firefight and melee broke out that saw three of the four wardens on the carriage dead, and the party fleeing for their lives. Laying low till nightfall, the party then broke into an alchemist’s shop to gather supplies. Interrupted by a child who woke up, the party buggered out and fled again into the night.



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