In the Shadow of Titans

Job 3.5 - The Great Escape

"These criminals... will not be allowed to pass" - Galen Flinteye

The party fled to an alley before they could attract more attention to themselves. They thought they’d escaped successfully, until they heard a figure stumbling behind them. Their clumsy pursuer turned out to be none other than Randal, a server from the Whistling Lady. He told them he had someone they needed to meet. After some debate, Gόdin and Co. decided to follow him.

Upon entering Randal’s home, the party saw an elven woman seated on his couch. She introduced herself as Sel’yn, and after exchanging terse pleasantries, learned that she was an assistant of Professor Beaumais and was attacked on the same night of his capture. Unlike the Professor, she was able to subdue her human attackers, and was found by Randal. She had helped Beaumais in his studies of the medallion gifted to him by Vurna, and still had it on her person.

Both the adventurers and the elf were on the lam, involved with the medallions, were becoming increasingly suspicious of their pursuers (thinking their misfortunes originated from the same source) and had one immediate goal in mind: escaping Port Hope. Gόdin and Co. were already preparing to go to Black Iron, and this decision was solidified by Sel’yn’s need for a lab to complete her study of the medallion. The quintet of fugitives managed to convince Randal to check the docks for him after work in order to determine if Skinny Dave had left port yet. Though visibly stressed, the uncoordinated server agreed to their request, before retiring to his room.

Sel’yn, having already rested a day, offered to take the first watch as the rest of the party slept, and they would continue to rotate watches. By mid-morning, Hayleigh alerted the others of a large gathering occurring below Randal’s housing complex. It turned out to be a an announcement by the wardens and C-Corp, sending out massive warden presence along with bounty hunters and adventuring parties for the capture of Gόdin and Co. In addition to that, there were to be checkpoints at all exits from the city, including the docks.

With their escape made much harder, the group spent the better part of the day deliberating on the best plan of action. By the time Randal arrived home from work that evening, it was decided that they would escape through the sewers, guided by a sewer rat using Sel’yn’s fluency in Sylvan. Randal brought them provisions and the information that Skinny Dave was still in port, and so the group began to execute their plan.

They managed to get a rat named Jerome to lead them through the sewers, bribed with the promise of cheese. As the group ventured down into the sewers, they discovered the body of a warden floating in the canal of refuse that the city’s sewage passed through. After plundering the body, they continued on until they ran into a still-living warden. As Gόdin moved to subdue the individual, a thick, white tentacle emerged from the canal and wrapped itself around the warden.

The group running for their lives as they followed Jerome’s commands translated by Sel’yn, another tentacle wrapped itself around Hayleigh’s leg. Sely’ns medallion reacted to the tentacle, glowing blue in its presence. With the help of Sel’yn and Gόdin, they managed to get the tentacle off her, but not before it burrowed into her leg and ripped out a chunk of flesh.

The creature, which the adventuring party determined to be the swamp monster they previously faced, disappeared into the opaque water. It eventually resurfaced, and attached itself to the roof of the sewers, pulling a translucent, gelatinous body out of the canal. It swung from the roof and towards the group. Sel’yn a sent fireball flying towards the creature, which managed to keep it at bay for a short while. Jerome’s directions were accurate; they were approaching the ladder. Sel’yn and Gόdin stayed below, trying to keep the monster at bay as the others climbed up. Gόdin was the last ascend the ladder, but as he climbed up, the swamp monster came upon him, wrapping around his waist, crushing his ribs, and producing rows of sharp, black teeth to latch onto his flesh. The rest of the group frantically pulled him out of the sewer, shredding his sides as he slid through the beast’s grip, and replaced the manhole cover over the sewer’s entrance.

Jerome had led them past the checkpoint and to the docks. The group found their way to Skinny Dave’s ship, and after being drenched in seawater in an attempt to remove the reek left on them from the sewers, they managed to convince the large captain to allow them to ride the ship in the cargo hold.

After several days at sea, the ship docked at the dwarven city of Kandarall and the group departed. Having an elf among them was cause for discrimination and insult directed towards Gόdin and Vurna, and when Gόdin could take it no longer, he challenged one of their most vocal opponents to a duel. Drawing first blood with a well-placed jab behind the opponent’s knees, Gόdin won the duel, leaving the other dwarf to skulk off and try to “regain his honor”.

Gόdin’s brother saw the fight and approached the group, offering them a place in his home with the Ovsten’s.



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