In the Shadow of Titans

Job 4 - Family Reunion Blues

"Just a little... you scratch my back we'll scratch yours..."

Having decided to take up the offer to travel to the Black Iron with Markog, Godin and Co. found themselves in for a comfortable ride north. Taking pity upon them they were given some basic travelling supplies as well as some weaponry to make up for the confiscated supplies that they lost in Port Hope. It seemed that Markog was doing much better as his ornate armour, and fine weaponry were clearly indicative of his new wealth, and the brothers caught up in the course of the journey.

Arriving at the Black Iron, Markog quickly told them to stay at the Keg and Kettle, a modest inn which comfortable furnishing. Told to simply pass on the name “Nathanial BLackwood” when they introduced themselves to the innkeeper, Godin and Co. made their way there. Upon mentioning “Nathanial Blackwood” they were treated quite graciously having comfortable rooms, hot food, and cold ale given to them however much they asked for. Eventually though it came time to pay the bills, as one evening they were ushered into a private meeting room where a mixed group of humans and dwarves in deep hoods were waiting for them.

Simply explaining that their mutual friends had an interest in them, Godin and Co was offered a choice, either quietly dispose of the Norkrag clan, or have their crimes from Port Hope exposed. Hesitantly but seeing no other choice, they accepted terms to dispose of the Norkrag clan.

Investigation into the clan showed the party that the clan was actually quite a recent establishment, and was on its last legs. Established by Norkrag Norkragson when he settled down from his adventuring days, he used the his wealth to find a wife and set up a trading company that dealt with exotic goods, goods that are in direct competition with the Ovsten clan. Misfortune however seemed to be the only thing that this clan shared, as failed caravans, poor investments, a dead wife, and two deadbeat children (Norkrag Norkragson a redvine addict, and Thenga Norkragdottir, his only daughter) were the result of his hard work.

Thinking to sneak their way in after a fairly comprehensive investigation, Godin and Co. are now posing as workers to ingratiate themselves into a position to remove the Norkrags. Now they are on a crossroads as their hesitation to simply kill the Norkrags found them dithering their time away…



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