In the Shadow of Titans

Job 4.5 Family and Betrayal

Norkrag’s last chance at saving his company rested on one final caravan of goods that he needed to transport to Kirk Wall As his workers, Gόdin and Co. were expected to join the convoy as they travelled. The blind dwarf invited his team of labourers to his home in the heart of the mountain for a feast, which the adventurers enjoyed while waiting for a chance to speak to him in private. The opportunity presented itself when Norkrag asked to speak with them after the other guests had left. Unfortunately, the dwarf was suspicious of the group, stating that it was far too convenient that they would appear when he needed them most. After Gόdin’s successful attempt to convince him that it was merely coincidence that they met, Norkrag revealed that he is suspicious of the Ovstens, and wants the adventurers to help protect him, his family, and his business.

Surprised by the request, and now with a difficult decision to make, Gόdin and Co. asked for time to think about the offer. Given a place to stay in Norkrag’s home, the adventurers debated and finally came to the decision to betray the Ovstens and help Norkrag.

The next morning, the group met Norkrag and explained everything to him. They showed him the medallion and, after a small mishap involving the medallion falling into his fireplace, explained that Sel’yn was the only one who can uncover its secrets now that her and mentor, Professor Beaumais, was missing, and that she needed to go to the university in Black Iron to do so. Norkrag revealed that Beaumais was set to lecture at the university, thanks to the Ovstens hosting him. The adventurers agreed to help Norkrag, and the dwarf had them swear blood oaths before he gave each of them a gift to aid in the battle they were sure to soon face. Norkrag’s servant Kazgar interfered, asking to take Norkrag’s place alongside the adventurers, and to aid in protecting his master.

The adventurers, now risking their lives to save the struggling dwarf, had to come up with a plan to prevent them all from being killed by the Ovstens. One of their servants spoke to them in the night, stating that they would be waiting for them at a mountain pass the next day. Gόdin and Co. decided to make it look like they overpowered the caravan so that the Ovstens wouldn’t have to do it themselves, but as they reached the pass, it was uncertain if their plan would work…



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