In the Shadow of Titans

Job 5.75 The Ovsten Manor

"Now tell me where my man is... and speak truth for I am not a fan of liars..." - Rorek Ovsten

Having prepared for the meeting with the Ovstens, and now on their way back to the inn, it was here that Godin and Co met a snag. A crowd was gathering in front of the Ovsten house, and it didn’t take them long to find out who was the cause of it. It seemed that Kazgar had attempted to infiltrate the house on his own having been excluded from information regarding the rest of the party’s plans for the manor.

Having had to kill a stable boy, Kazgar was caught by 2 of the Ovsten guards, and nearly killed in a scuffle before the Vigilators arrived at the scene to put a stop to the fight. Edging their way forward through the gawking crowd of humans and dwarfs, the party swiftly hit the police cordon, where they attempted to persuade a vigilator to let them through. Failing to persuade the vigilator, they were instead seen by an Ovsten guard who promptly bribed a vigilator to let them in through the cordon.

Escorted into the house, the party now had the option of starting a fight in the entrance hall, or walking into the dining room, which they knew to be a trap. Hesitatingly, they walked in. They were promptly seated at a table with a lavish feast, and surrounded by guards. It only got truly bad however when Rorek walked in. Clad in full dwarven battle plate he begins an interrogation to find out what happened to the man he sent to keep an eye on Godin and Co.

Despite making it known he had no tolerance for liars, Godin immediately lied to him when questioned on his man’s whereabouts. This earned Godin the loss of his left pinky finger as guards held him down. All out chaos ensued at that point as pistols and other weapons were drawn. Outnumbered and outgunned the party’s chances did not look good.

The battle only stopped when Hayleigh went down. With the rest of the party gravely injured, terms were offered and they were captured instead of killed. Thrown into the manor’s dungeons, it seemed that they were to be the only tenants… or were they?



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