The Ovsten's

"Blood for Blood, Blood for Blood! Kill the savages!" - Prior to slaughtering the Red Claw Tribe


A proud dwarven clan hailing from the Black Iron, the Ovsten’s are amongst the first and oldest of clans to settle in Jotunland. The following are known Ovsten family members.

Vurna Ovsten

See Vurna Ovsten

Rorek Ovsten

A big barrel of a dwarf with a bush ginger beard, he is one of Vurna’s older brothers. Roaring and bellowing for vengeance and death, he was encountered leading the second dwarven expedition that slaughtered the Red Claw tribe of saurians in righteous dwarven fury.

Markog Ovsten

The newest member of the Ovsten family, he officially joined when he married Fara Ovsten.

Fara Ovsten

A first counsin of Vurna’s on her father’s side. She married Markog into the Ovsten family recently as her husband.

Gromrund Ovsten

The son of Markog and Fara Ovsten, he is a strapping young lad who is almost a mirror of Markog.

Kilak Ovsten

Vurna’s favorite brother, he was taken hostage by saurians of the Red Claw Tribe, and was frieed through a hostage exchange.


The Ovsten's

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