The Staff at the Whistling Lady

These are the stout men and women who work at the Whistling Lady. While not a large staff, they are all good decent folk who just seek to earn an honest living in Port Hope.


Norman LaVerne

A big, beefy man, his jovial laugh echoes frequently through the Whistling Lady, which he runs with the same discipline and order as the mercenary group that he was once part of. After being crippled by an arrow to the knee, he settled down and used his life savings to establish the Whistling Lady in Port Hope with his wife Imelda.

Imelda LaVerne

A tall lanky woman, she runs the Whistling Lady with a deft hand, dealing the majority of the administrative work. Known for her sharp temper, and her quick wit, almost all those who supply the Whistling Lady have felt the sting of her bargaining on more than one occasion. She established the Whistling Lady with her husband Norman after he was crippled.

Stacey LaVerne

The young freckle-faced daughter of Norman and Imelda LaVerne, she helps out at the tavern however she can. While too young to do most work, her sunny disposition often cheers the patrons at the Whistling Lady.

Randal Dupois

One of the servers at the Whistling Lady, his flaming red hair, and clumsy nature often makes him stick out like a sore thumb. A recent hire, he’s already attracted the ire of the LaVerne’s for often causing damage to the dishes. His future at the Whistling Lady is questionable at best.


The Staff at the Whistling Lady

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