Black Iron

Country: The city-state of Black Iron

Council Members: Chairman Nathaniel Gainsborough, Vigilator-Commander Annabelle Hawkwood, Thane Duregar Stonefist – leader of the dwarven clans, Norek Silverbeard – Leader of the Silverbeard Trade Company , Ianna Melliad – Arch Magister of the College

Notable Cities and Settlements: Kandaral (Port City), Kirkwall (North west), West Hall (Westward)

Capital: Black Iron

Allies: Friendly with Port Hope, and Neutral towards Hesperides

Flag: A pair of gulles axes saltire on a per chevron field of purpure and or

National Motto: “Bound and Tempered"

The Discovery of Jotunland and the Colonial War

The mountain that would become home to the colony of Black Iron was colonised in the second wave of colonization after the establishment of Port Hope by the Andorrians. Settled by the combined effort of Valksbourgers and Dwarves it stood as a bastion of good northern ideals. With the mountain thankfully being plentiful in ores and space, the city developed into a bustling place of industry and prosperity. Unfortunately relations with their Jotun neighbours to the north have been downright catastrophic with the jotuns feeling completely unbeholden to negotiate at all. During the colonial war, Black Iron fought hard to defend its territory, but between the Jotuns pressing in from the north and the Andorrian forces pushing in from the south, it was decided that in order to preserve the lives of their people surrender was to be the option taken.

During the Uneasy Peace

While peace came reasonably quickly for them, the constant Jotun raids stretched the Andorrian forces, and the Black Iron treasury quite thin. With more and more taxes being levied in this time, anger and rebellious spirit spread which eventually culminated in full blown rebellion. In this time Redbeard University was founded in honour of Morgrim Redbeard. The university has a strong focus on technical skills, mechanisms, and innovative machinery.

Colonial Freedom

While the rebellious spirit was in full swing it was very hard for the people here to do much as the majority of Andorrian troopers were placed to garrison the Black Iron against horrifying giant raids. However with more and more troops being diverted into the south to combat against Port Hope and Hesperides, Black Iron was finally able to overthrow its Andorrian oppressors late in the war and signalling the end of Andorrian dominion. With no other option but retreat, Black Iron treated the Andorrians fairly and justly as the Andorrians did to it originally. The past 20 years has seen Black Iron renew trade relations with all who would be interested in its goods.

Notable Locations and Items of Interest

• The Redbeard University – the premiere institution for mechanical innovation
• Strong presence of metal working guilds
• Strong presence of dwarves and dwarven culture
• Closest major settlement to the Jotuns

Black Iron

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