Creation and History of Jotuns

The following was found chiselled into a great boulder along one of the many trails that criss-cross the great plains. It details the creation of the jotuns. Not much else is known of what the jotuns believe in, and their legacy of violent interactions with what they dub “small folk” has scarred all further diplomatic attempts. For more information on their modern interactions see Black Iron and Jotun Relations.

In the beginning, there was Heimland and the creator raged at its barren wastes, for its emptiness was anathema to his vitality. Hefting his might hammer high, he smote Heimland. With his first mighty blow he brought out the sun, and the moon, and the stars, and with it came light and dark. With his second mighty blow he brought fire and water, and with it came heat and cold and with his third third thunderous blow, he scattered the land and with it came distance, and time.

Upon seeing what his hands had wrought, the creator nodded in contentment and rested. Unbeknownst to the creator though, the mighty blows had imparted bits and pieces of his essence into Heimland and from these the first giants came to be. Made of stone, and fire, and water they awoke in their own domains tall, and mighty, and strong. Upon awaking the creator was surprised at his accidental creations, but set about teaching them all he knew. These were the golden days for the giants as they established dominion of their mountain homes. One day however the creator merely left stating that upon their direst hour he would return. – unknown jotun

These supposed jotuns of ice and fire seem more of legend though as we have seen no hide nor hair of these other jotuns.

Creation and History of Jotuns

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