Dwarven Clans

Clans are the primary unit in dwarven society. These are dwarves bound together by kinship, who work to better their family unit’s fortunes and glory.There are two major clans to engage with here in Jotunland, the Stonefists, and the Silverbeards. The Stonefists are based in the city of Black Iron, and the Silverbeards are based in the port city of Kandaral.

Clan Stonefist

Clan Sigil: A grey fist upon an or field

Clan Words: “Strike with Stone”

The Stonefist clan has a long and glorious history that stretches all the way back to the very beginnings of dwarven history. Originating from the Ancestor’s Hold, Brengar Stonefist (named so because it was rumoured his fists were harder than stone) distinguished himself an able warrior, and was given the honour of joining the high king’s guard. For his faithful and loyal service Brengar was eventually gifted with the right to nobility and was given the right to start a clan of his own. In the Silver Age clan Stonefist was at the forefront of every battle, and proved their loyalty and ferocity time and time again. Coming into the Bronze Age, they volunteered their services and resources to be the first to aid the Valksbourgers in establishing their colony in Jotunland. Fighting hard and long in the various conflicts and against the Jotuns, Clan Stonefist has proved time and time again to be stalwart, loyal, and capable allies.

The clan is curently lead by Thane Duregar Stonefist.

Clan Silverbeard

Clan Sigil: an argent ancestor face upon a quartered field of purpure and gulles

Clan Words: “Wise Decisions, and Nimble Hands”

Hailing from Hamerfall Hold at the northernmost tip of the dwarven realm, the Silverbeard clan is a relatively young clan by dwarven standards. Formed in the latter half of the silver age by Vergun Silverbeard, clan Silverbeard has largely made its fortunes from trade and supposedly smuggling. Moving forward into the bronze age, while many clans adhered to age old pacts, and thus only sold their goods to one side, the Silverbeards had no such oaths to bind them, and thus profited far more than most would consider reasonable in the many wars. By amassing this great wealth it allowed them to make a move that surprised many other clans. They formed the Silverbeard Trading Company, invested in a huge amount of ships and materiel and moved the majority of their operations into the port city of Kandaral in Jotunland. Now clan Silverbeard runs the largest mercantile company in the world, with their clients and shipping network spanning almost all the known world. Naturally this meant that profits and influence of a wide margin has fallen right into Silverbeard hands. This gained them a seat upon the Black Iron Council, something which the Stonefists think these upstarts do not deserve.

The clan is currently lead by Thane Norek Silverbeard.

Dwarven Clans

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