Dwarves in Jotunland

Standing at about five feet tall, and usually weighing over 200 pounds, the dwarves of Morinar and Jotunland are a stolid, and enduring people. Hailing from the Westwall mountains, the first dwarves to arrive in Jotunland was the Stonefist clan when Black Iron was established. To a tee the dwarven people tend to be loyal and steadfast to a fault, honouring sworn oaths and pacts no matter what the cost. Additionally they are also a stubborn people, getting more and more cantankerous as the years go by, with a gold lust to match. With each passing year it seems that more and more dwarves come to Jotunland in search of honour and glory.

The dwarven realm has a vested interest in Jotunland. Hoping to maintain good relations with the dwarves there they maintain a regular flow of communication, and trade back and forth from the old world. Additionally it is rumoured that options are being considered to begin pushing the jotuns out of the northern mountains such that they can become another part of the dwarven realm.

Dwarven Traders

Coming forth in any shape and size from mere peddlers on foot, all the way to the great trade company caravans, dwarven traders make their way all across Jotunland. They are welcome in all places, but have recently begun to feel the sting of suspicion and paranoia from the Hesperides due to their lessened trade. Additionally many dwarf tradesmen travel about as well, selling their skills as they move from place to place seeking to see the world.

Dwarven Adventurers

Dwarven adventurers come in all forms, from wandering craftsmen to members of an adventuring company. Their knowledge of stonework, and their solid and reliable nature makes them a veritable rock that the team can rely upon. Their technical knowledge also tends to come as a plus to many an adventuring party who is required to work complex machinery.

Dwarves in Jotunland

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