Elven Gods


The very picture of beauty and grace, The Goddess Imryll is an inquisitive woman, curious about all things. As the creator of the Elves, she feels a great responsibility in their well-being and survival – not only as individuals, but also as a society and a culture. Imrylli clerics are generally accepted among all societies, though clerics of Tordynaar despise them for Imrylls supposed betrayal.

The teachings of Imryll are that of peace and tranquility. Her glorious cathedrals double as schools, her clerics as scholars, and her followers are just as curious, inquisitive and knowledge-hungry as the Goddess they worship. Many assume that this implies a weakness in the field of battle, but Imryll was also a goddess of protection – and war has come to be part and parcel of safety for the Elven race.

Imryll’s clerics dress themselves in yellow ochre robes, travel far and wide, and spend the majority of their time teaching those who will learn. They are knowledgeable in various aspects of life and culture, and one would be hard pressed to find one without at least a few tomes in their backpacks. When the time comes, the clerics gladly lay their life down to protect the Elves around them – fighting always for the Elven race first, and themselves second.


Tordynaar is known to be a harsh, imposing Elf of militaristic demeanour. He is a god to be feared, having created the beings that devastated the Elves at their height, and many have taken to worshipping him to prevent further hardships. After seeing his sister’s creations falter so gravely, he feels his duty is to imbue the Elves with the ability to fight well and bravely. Tordynaari clerics are not liked by others – other Elves feel that their fear has made them turn their backs to the true Elven god, and there is often a fair amount of tension when a Tordynaari is in the room with those of other faiths.

Tordynaar teaches the way of the blade and the way of the bow. It is important to fight, as nothing is presented upon a silver platter. His shrines are small and spartan, and those that worship him do so through sacrificial rituals, and war. His followers are skilled combatants, and tacticians, and strive to lead the Elves to a glorious future through martial means.

Tordynaari clerics are not represented by any unified colour – they simply wear the hides and furs of the various animals they hunt. They are warriors of the highest calibre, constantly training regiments and mustering troops to help restore the glory of the Elven empire.


The father of Imryll and Tordynaar, Ta’wyn is the creator of creators. Considered to be the true supreme being by his followers, nobody is able to fathom his appearance or his demeanour. All that is known is that he is a loving God, destined to arrive upon the realm in the future and restore the Elven glory as a gift for their past hardships.

Ta’wyn is a strong believer of surviving by any means necessary. Whether it involves the blade or the tongue, he only wishes the best solution for his daughter’s creations. His followers construct massive temples for him in the form of glorious houses. Each temple is built as a possible home for him, ready for his eventual arrival upon the realm. His followers are fairly quite and docile Elves, awaiting their time to stand atop the Elven hierarchy as kings and queens.

Ta’wyni clerics are mainly preachers, spreading the word and teachings of Ta’wyn. Dressed in dark robes with white trims, they are teachers, healers, merchants, and workers. As a faith that dislikes the thought of all-out war, Ta’wyn’s followers deal in the ways of subterfuge when dark times arise – and this makes them valuable to all parties, Elven or otherwise.

Elven Gods

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