Elven Languages

General Information

The Elves speak what humans call “Elven.” The name given to the tongue is a fallacy, as there is not one single Elven tongue. Despite this, Elves accept the generalization to avoid lengthy, arduous, and pointless discussions on the topic.

All seven languages that are categorized as “Elven” are communicable, as well as Sylvan. To hear elven being spoken is to hear the wind whistling through tree boughs, and to hear a babbling brook meander its way through a twilight glade. Despite contact with humanity, the Elven languages have remained unaltered. The Elves have taken it unto themselves, however, to learn Common. This is not only to maintain communication with the Nations of Morinar, but also due to the natural curiosity of the Elves.

A Pronunciation Guide

It is only respectful to say a name how it is meant to be said. Failing that, it is respectful to at least have attempted it.

Sorw’yn Sorr oh – EEN
Fyr’yn Fear – EEN
Ishild Ish-illed (illed = uild in Guild)
Ses’yl Cess – EEL
Aer’yn Air – EEN
Byn’yr Bin – EER
Tol’yyn Tall – YEEN
yn in
‘yn EEN (as in Queen)
yl ill
‘yl EEL (as in eel)
yr ir (as in ir in fir)
‘yr EER (as in ear in Fear)
Á eye


The Elves have come to accept that the Humans of Morinar stand little chance of pronouncing Elven words correctly. They have accepted some incorrect Commonisations of Elven names as a result. It is important to keep in mind that these are not translations by any means, and the Elves respect those who can pronounce the words correctly more than those who use the following shortcuts:

Elven Common
Sorw’yn Sorrow Wind
Fyr’yn Fear Wind
Ádén Eden
Ishild Shield
Ses’yl Sea Sail
Aer’yn Air Wind
Byn’yr Be Near
Tol’yyn Tall Inn

Without fail, new shortcuts for other words are fabricated when they are first heard.

Elven Languages

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