Elves in Jotunland

Standing just slightly taller than humans, and weighing just as much, the elves of Morinar, are a warlike and ferocious people. Strong, graceful, and intrinsically magical many have long envied elves for these qualities. The elves in Jotunland hail from either the western nation of Fyr’yn, whose people tend to be more emotional, open, and more often encountered by the other races or from Sorw’yn, the eastern nation, whose people tend to be more reserved, insular, and are rarely seen outside of their own borders. The shores of Jotunland have also seen the like of the apostates, elves who’ve left their homes permanently to pursue opportunities elsewhere, something that many towns and cities in Jotunland have welcomed with open arms.

In the bigger picture the elven nations have thus far decided to ignore Jotunland. While their traders and adventurers roam about, foreign policy seems to dictate that colonizing seems to be a bad choice. With the only place left being the Wild Steppe, and the direct neighbours of the Jotuns, it’s pretty understandable that no colonization effort has been made.

Elven Traders

These elves wander about bringing in elven wares and goods for sale. Some might even be skilled craftsmen themselves and thus would be a boon to any place who can afford their services. Fortunately for the large trade companies in Morinar, the elves do not seem to have the infrastructure required to compete with them, and as such elven trade companies are quite small, usually consisting of only a single merchant and the resources that the individual can bring to bear. Elven traders generally avoid Port Hope, and stick to the cities of Karandal in the north, and Hesperides in the south.

Elven Adventurers

Elven adventurers come in all manners, from lone scientists to members of a company, or even as part of an all elven team. Their inherent magical nature makes them very useful for dealing with arcane issues, and many adventuring teams strive to include an elven member if only for that reason alone.

Elves in Jotunland

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