Country: The City State of Hesperides

Council Members: Chairman Yuron Borkov, Sentinel-Commander Sadia Arend , Arch Bishop Derek Treyvin of the Pantheon, Priestess Katerina of the one true god, and Irina Lee, chief representative of the Argent Syndicate

Notable Cities and Settlements: Muskspine Depot (western settlement), and North River
Station (northwest settlement)

Capital: Hesperides

Allies: Wary of both Black Iron, and Port Hope

Flag: two or endorse around plate with a centred purpure and vert oak eradicated on a sable field

National Motto: “Pioneering Excellence"

The Discovery of Jotunland and the Colonial War

Established in the second wave of settlement, Hesperides was a settled by a combination of stout hearted Kronsmen, and Aesmoori. With the colonial fleet based off of Kronslund ships, it unsurprising that the colony of Hesperides was set up last and in what is potentially the most inhospitable part of Jotunland: the Verdant Expanse. Sailing up river the colonists settled down upon a large island in the middle of the mighty Verdant river and began to build their homes anew. While up until this point they had been left largely alone, it wasn’t until they began expanding into the surrounding rainforest that they began to suffer attacks. Despite the never ending raids the Hesperides slowly expanded into the surrounding areas as well.

During the colonial war the Hesperides was a hard fought site for Andorrians, with neither the Kronsmen or Aesmoori wishing to cede an inch of ground unfought. Eventually though with Black Iron toppled it was only a matter of time before Andorrian soldiers turned southward, and the colony was forced to concede defeat.

During the Uneasy Peace

Being in an extremely remote location Hesperides never really received much Andorrian support, and thus it was extremely excruciating for them to still be taxed and receive no support in turn. Additionally in this era of peace many wealthy citizens began funding regular expeditions into the Expanse in order to plumb its depths and hopefully strike it rich somehow. While not many have returned there has been enough success that many adventurers and citizens still run expeditions with such hopes. Additionally the Hesperides Herbological Society was also established in this time frame as many scientists and researchers sought to harness the jungle for benefits, instead of simply plumbing its depths for relics and treasure.

Colonial Freedom

The Hesperides was the first of the colonies to free itself from Andorrian dominion when the call for freedom rang. With minimal Andorrian presence Hesperides quickly freed itself and set about freeing the other colonies too, first with Port Hope, and finally with Black Iron. It seems however that the other states have forgotten the help of the Hesperides as in recent times their poor treatment has been downright insulting. Paranoia is rife with the people as they suspect hidden trade deals, old world sympathizers or worse.

Notable Locations and Items of Interest

• The Hesperides Herbological Society – the foremost authority on all plant materials
• In a position where many adventurers are hired on a regular basis
• Constantly beset by saurian raids due to slow expansion into the forest
• Home to the cathedral of the one true god on Jotunland


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