Parties from the Past

The following are adventuring parties of note, whose members and exploits have not faded into the mists of time. A few come from humble beginnings, and others come from positions of wealth and power. What matters most though is that all of these individuals have banded together and changed the world, and have lived to continue influencing the world in some way with their legacy.

The Black Knights AKA Black Knights Academy

Run By: Ser Connor of Kronslund, Ser Derek of the Empire, and Ser Fiona of Galimond

Amongst the very first of adventuring companies to gain widespread fame and renown they began their journey as a band of landless knights coming together for mutual protection and support. With the burgeoning support for adventurers just starting to be established, they sought to earn money and support themselves this way. Travelling from village to village on these errands, they used their training to great benefit slaying rampaging bands of ogres, putting ghosts to rest, and even slaying a manticore.

Something they always felt incompetent about however was helping other fellow adventurers. Time after time they would watch young enterprising hopefuls be smashed into the dirt by the monsters they were hired to slay, maimed terribly because they didn’t have the right skill set, or just simply burnt out by the adventuring life. When a run in with a dragon left them victorious but crippled they decided to pool together all the resources they accumulated to start Black Knights Academy to train aspiring adventurers in the right skills they’ll need to survive. Additionally Black Knights Inc serves in assisting adventuring parties refill their ranks after they suffer losses. An adventurer certified by the Black Knights is certainly a most useful asset.

The Red Blades AKA Red Arms Forging Inc

Run By: Vasyl Teb’yr, Mor’yl Aeryn, Josl’yn Dor’yn, and Talv’yr Geld’yr

This group of apostate elven blademasters came together in the very earliest days of adventuring. Using their blades to deadly effect they formed an efficient team, slaying giants, golems, and even a vampire. Their combat skill was amongst the deadliest in the known world. They were unmatched until they were hired to slay the hydra. Hacking and slashing their way into the beast, they could not compete with its ever regenerating heads. Thankfully they managed to slay the beast by triggering a rock slide, but on that day they learned that simple blades were not enough to face the dangers that many adventurer’s looking to make their name face.

Upon retiring they decided to set up the Red Arms Forging Inc, which specializes in enchanted weapons and specialty gear. Unfortunately for them though, with melee weapons on the decline business has been on the decline. As such they’ve been seeking to branch out and hire gunsmiths, and the like in order to cater to the more modern market. Enchantments for these guns seem to be developing at a glacial pace though, with the work proving temperamental at best, or catastrophically unreliable at worst.

Hellhounds AKA Brewer’s Best

Run By: Leona Spicer, Agrun Steeleye, Matimeo Longstrider, Ewyn Furm’yr

Amongst the newer adventuring companies, the Hellhounds are a product of university training. Consisting of an all alchemist team, they specialized in innovating and creating extremely reactive compounds of all sorts. With most of their compounds deemed too dangerous for regular testing in a lab, the Hellhounds thought that the best method was field testing. Signing on as adventurers they began a prolific career of utilising their compounds in new and interesting ways not including : blinding a basilisk, melting a necromancer, and even pioneering an alchemical silver bomb for use against lycanthropes of all sorts (it wasn’t that successful).

Moving into the present, the members of the Hellhounds decided to begin to utilize their findings for distribution to a much wider populace. Pooling their resources together much like their forbears, they created the Brewer’s Choice co. Seeking to provide all sorts of potions to the masses at an affordable rate, they have only begun branching out into the Verdant Expanse with their new branch establishment in 428 S.E. and they are striving to work closely with the Hesperides Herbological Society. Naturally they are in direct competition with the Argent Syndicate.

Parties from the Past

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