Parties in the Present

The current parties listed below are currently amongst the most well known. These men and women still stand strong as adventurers and regularly venture forth into the hearts of the people. Whether they are feared or loved it can be said without question that these folk have been making a strong impact in today’s world.


Run by: Eygon Quickfoot, Cal’yr Brel’yr, Cassandra Swiftshot, Freja Stoutarm

Formed in the year 411 S.E. the Chosen stand amongst the best of adventurers. They have sallied forth time and time again against the threats that innocent villagers face for sometimes way below their usual fee. As such they are seen as folk heroes by the people who celebrate their every endeavour and every heroic feat. Time after time they have marched into the face of danger slaying giants, ogres, and all sorts of foul beasts. It is even rumoured that they had slain demons! Clad in glorious white, and shining armour, to the people they represent the best and the brightest that all adventurers have to offer.

To further capitalize on their fame, the Chosen officially turned themselves into a business, in the name of C-Corp, which extends in a wide way to cater to a large variety of products. Everything from ales, to children’s toys, to even dining ware and cutlery. Currently C-Corp is based in Port Hope, and has many properties and subsidiary businesses which work under them.

Crimson Reapers

Members are: Ragnar Bloodaxe, Hakon Frostblade, Vaegar Hammerfall, Faregor Doomseeker

Established only within the year of 424 S.E. the Crimson Reapers have already established themselves as one of the most ruthless, direct, and perhaps excessive adventuring parties around. While nominally adventurers are generally hired to deal with monstrous threats, and to generally avoid larger scale military conflict, the Crimson Reapers seem to have developed a taste for bloodshed bordering on the unsavoury. Participating in many military actions such as the infamous massacre at tleth, the battle of the bloody scale, and the North River Slaughter, the Crimson Reapers only further continue to solidify their bloodthirsty reputation.

It also doesn’t help their reputation that they care little for collateral damage, or the lives of innocents. When hired to kill a band of trolls near Carolens, they simply waited till the trolls had nearly glutted their fill at a local village before coming in and slaughtering them. It is unsurprising that most would shun, or in some cases (if they were suicidal enough)even hinder the Crimson Reapers. Despite this though, the Crimson Reapers are always still hired time and time again simply because they get the job done. No matter the difficulty, no matter how extreme or unsavoury, if they’ve been hired you can rest assured that you’ll eventually hear about their success, or their deaths.

Parties in the Present

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