Port Hope


Country: The State of Port Hope

Council Members: Chairwoman Emelda Caroll, Warden-Commander Galen Flinteye , Clan Chief Zul-Gak of the Swamp Tribes , Conrad Mason – Arch Magister of the College

Notable Cities and Settlements: Westwold (westward), Carolens (southwest)

Capital: Port Hope

Allies: Friendly with Black Iron, and Wary towards Hesperides

Flag: A pale azure tower upon a per bend sinister field of gulles and argent

National Motto: “A Shelter in the Storm"

The Discovery of Jotunland and the Colonial War

The first of the colonies to be established in Jotunland, Port Hope has much to thank its lucky stars for. Beset by the storms along the coast, and forced much further south than they would’ve liked, and the original Andorrian settlers were forced to land in what they called the Howling Mire. Initially hostile to the intruders the swamp Saurians (colloquially known as crocos or crocs) it was quite a task for the settlers to establish their home. Once it became clear though that the settlers had no intention of invading Saurian home lands peace talks began and a tentative treaty was established. During the colonial war it was these saurian allies that proved integral in striking efficiently at Hesperides and eventually winning the war in southern Jotunland. Towards the north in Black Iron it was by the blood and sweat of Andorrian soldiers than Black Iron eventually capitulated to.

During the Uneasy Peace

With peace becoming established under Andorrian dominion the people of Port Hope Andorrian soldiery spread across Jotunland. Port Hope also established the University of West Shore, a place renowned for its study of the fine arts. However the policing effort stretched Andorrian forces thin and caused crime and banditry to rapidly increase in Port Hope and its surrounding regions. With increased taxes to import and maintain troops being levied on the colonies, rebellion became a more and more enticing idea.

Colonial Freedom

Port Hope was the second colony to rise up successfully engaging Andorrian troops in several pitched battles right within Port Hope itself. With the support once again of the Saurian peoples under Zul-Gak’s leadership, the Andorrian forces were finally driven northward in retreat to Black Iron. Now subject to their own government, they quickly re-established contact with the other states and trade and diplomacy once more flowed freely across Jotunland. For the moment things seem relatively safe, however many Saurians have begun feeling the pressure of Port Hope’s rapidly growing population and feel that their ancestral rights and treaties are not slowly become ignored. While currently peaceful these protests could grow into a full blown conflict if fanned the right way, something that the council does not seem to realise.

Notable Locations and Items of Interest

• The University of West Shore – Premiere institution for the arts in Jotunland
• Being the largest port city in Jotunland, it is far easier to get material from the old world here
• Home to the largest population of Saurians outside of the Verdant expanse
• Port Hope was built upon ancient ruins that predate humanity and the other races, thus far all research has lead to a dead end
• The Whistling Lady: A respectable tavern in the middle class area of Port Hope, it is a large two story building, with a hall on the bottom floor, and rooms for rent on the second. Founded by Norman and Imelda LaVerne, the Whistling Lady is where the party first met and eventually signed on together with the Adventurers Guild.

Port Hope

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