Saurian History

With saurian tribes mainly relating history in oral format it is quite difficult to gauge in our calendar the approximate dates for these events. What we can retell accurately though is what happens once we begin interacting with them. The following is a transcription of Kul-Amon, a tribal shaman of the Grey Hunt tribe.

Long time ago there was a great brood mother, who was chased by a bevy of evil spirits. The broodmother laid many clutches all across Ailoseine (the saurian term for the continent) so that the spirits who sought to end her life would not discover all of her children. However eventually she could run no more and her captors cornered and slew her. At the time Ailosene was naught but a barren plain. With her death, her bones became the mountains and her flesh the soil that would nourish all life. Her battles with the great evil carved out valleys and chasms, and her spilt blood became the rivers and lakes. The great evil thinking that it had succeeded did not count the clutches that she had birthed. These clutches turned into the creatures that can be seen today.

These primitive saurians banded together recognizing the ancestral evil, and drove it from the land in a legendary battle. following the battle there became a great divide, amongst the broodmother’s children, and to avoid internicine warfare those of different mindsets split. some chose to stay, others moved into the swamps, and yet more moved into the jungles. despite the split though, each great tribal leader swore they would uphold the sanctity of ailosene against the great evil, and against any who would despoil her riches. – Kul-Amon

With that being said, when we humans first came to settle on Jotunland, they responded quite violently, defending their homes from us with a ferocity unmatched. With peaceful discussion however came discussion and the swamp saurians are now quite content with what they have with their neighbours in Port Hope. For the southern jungle saurians however, they have resorted to violence to oust the people of the Hesperides from their settlement. Thus far they have been met with little success, but have at least successfully stopped the expansion of the Hesperides.

Saurian History

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