Saurian Relations


The jungle saurians have a great hatred for the people of the Hesperides as they see the expansion and even establishment of the city as a trespass upon their ancestral lands. Thus have reacted quite violently in order to defend their homes. Peace talks and negotiations seem to be out of the question, as Salthar, seems to be set upon reclaiming all of their ancestral lands, and will stop only at the removal or death of all foreign invaders.

The swamp saurians also view the actions of the Hesperides with disgust as the blatant desecration of their jungle home strikes a cord in all saurian hearts. However no actions have been taken by them yet, though it might only be a matter of time before Zul-Gak brings his tribes to intervene in the conflict.

Port Hope

The jungle saurians frown upon the inhabitants of Port Hope, but at least do not hate them as much as those in the Hesperides. What has become a concern though is the migration of the newer generations. With Port Hope providing a relatively safe ground to communicate with other cultures, many of the younger saurians have been moving to Port Hope to become part of the “modern” world.

The swamp saurians maintain good relations with the people of Port Hope. However recent times have begun creating stress in their relationship as the growing population of Port Hope has been depleting the food that the saurians also consume as well as also beginning to spread out into lands once considered uninhabitable and reserved for saurian use.

Black Iron

The saurians do not have much to do with Black Iron as the cold climate generally keeps them away. A few stouter saurian traders do make it up there once in a while but it is few and far between.


Previous giant involvement in their lands, has been repulsed quickly and with much force. The Saurians maintain frosty relations with them, and generally ensure that the giants understand to stay away from their lands. Recent sightings though have indicated giants moving around on their borders once again.

Saurian Relations

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