Saurian Society and Notable Tribes

Saurian tribes usually have a chieftain (generally the biggest and most wizened member) to lead them, alongside a council of elders and shamans. Gender is a non issue when it comes to positions of authority. Age seems to be the determining factor in the saurian hierarchy, with strength only being relied upon when it is a tightly contested issue, or should two equally aged saurians come into serious argument. Tribes generally try to maintain peaceful relations with each other, and generally are relatively self sufficient.

With the coming of humans however, the tribes have learned that opposing these new settlers at an individual level is not the best way to make their point heard, and as such coalitions have formed in order to better represent saurian interests. However even in this regard there is a great divide, with the swamp saurians maintaining peaceful relations with their neighbours, and the jungle saurians resorting to violence.

Tribes generally consist of anywhere from a small collection of family groups to numbering in the hundreds, or even the thousands. As a rule of thumb jungle saurian tribes tend to number much more than their larger swamp dwelling kin.

Notable jungle saurian tribes are: Cold Claw, Red Tooth, Fork Tongue, Dark Stalker, Tall Tree, Grey Hunt.

The jungle tribe coalition consists of the Tall Tree, Cold Claw, Red Tooth, and Fork Tongue tribes, lead by Salthar, a chieftain of the Cold Claw tribe.

Notable swamp saurian tribes are: Broken Tooth, Stone Tail, Sawbacks, Red Maw, Deep Water.

These swamp tribes are lead by Zul-Gak, a chieftain of the Broken Tooth Tribe, and leader of the swamp saurian coalition.

Saurian Society and Notable Tribes

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