The Lands and Clothing in Jotunland

The City of Black Iron

The People and Lands of Black Iron

The people who make up the prosperous mining town of black Iron are comprised primarily of two main peoples: the dwarves of the West Wall Mountains, and the peoples of Valksbourg. As such the humans there are primarily a tall and rugged people with relatively dark hair and fair skin. The dwarves on the other hand are much like their kin in the old world, wide, stocky, and built like an anvil with a variety of hair colours present.

The lands of Black Iron extend all along the upper third of the Stormy Coast and is centred on Mount Blackfire, upon which the city of Black Iron is built. Consisting of a temperate climate, as well as bearing plentiful amounts of ore in the mountain and the regions around it, Black Iron is also extends relatively far inland to make use of what little arable land is around it. Black Iron regularly trades with Port Hope for food and other resources it requires.

Recently, Saurian and Jotun raids have been stepping up in intensity. Regular patrols have been dispatched, and worries of the giants moving into a war footing are increasing by the day. Additionally the paranoia of the southernmost Hesperides people have started to cause disturbance amongst the people, who seek to alienate the southerners even further in retaliation.

Northern Style

Clothing in the north is all about comfort and utility. Due to the harsh winters, and short growing seasons, fabrics made from plants are almost never used in clothing. All arable land must be used in the north to its full ability to feed its people, and the clothing reflects this. Clothing of the nobility generally centres on good wools and velvets with fur trim. Long coats are all the rage, as are dwarven motifs. Ostentation generally depends on the richness of a person. Dwarven clothing has largely remained unchanged; it stays simple and utilitarian with adornment based on the richness of the wearer. Compared to most humans, dwarven clothing seems to be much more flamboyant.

For men, hair in the north is generally kept long but restrained. Facial hair additionally is quite a prized by the northerners. But unlike the days of old, where it once was flamboyantly styled, the current fashion is to keep it neat, trimmed and well maintained. Women’s hair is also just as free in the north, with all lengths being displayed. Styles however are kept fairly simple, with braids being the most common type of adornment.

Port Hope

The People and Lands of Port Hope

The people of Port Hope can generally claim their descent from Andorria. As such like their more northern neighbours of Black Iron, they are relatively tall, and rugged though their skin is less fair, with hair varying between the colours of brown, blonde, or red.
The lands controlled by Port Hope begin from their neighbours in the north into the beginning of the Verdant Expanse . Closer to the shores, the Blackstone Marshes extends down the southern third, extending westward much of Port Hope has many rich arable fields which are home to many orchards, and crop fields. The Howling mire is also home to a tribe of saurians as well, whose services are often used to guide ships through the marshes, or to be guides in their very swampy domain.

An interesting point of fact is that Port Hope is built atop of several ancient ruins. These ruins seem to be amazingly old, and predate the Saurian tribes, and the Jotun structures elsewhere. Many arcahaeologists have delved deep into the ruins to discover more; however the eldritch runes have solidly stone walled any forward progress. Most have given up in making any progress towards cracking this mystery, partly from difficulty, but also from the sinister air that the ruins seem to exude.

Indigenous issues have thankfully been kept to a minimum as currently human expansion has not begun invading into the swamps as they are largely uninhabitable by people. Additionally Jotuns are quite an uncommon sight this far south as their preferred targets tend to be Black Iron trading caravans, which means that by and large Port Hope has largely evaded Jotun predations. In recent times though, tensions between the Saurians and the inhabitants of Port Hope have been increasing due to depleting natural resources. Rumours of mercenary companies being hired out by the Hesperides council also have many on high alert.

Hope’s Fashion

Clothing in Port Hope is following of the contemporary style. Composed of lighter clothing due to the more humid climate there is a focus on many light but multiple layers of clothing. Flamboyance is a must as the wealth disparity often allows many to flaunt their wealth while their inferiors can barely get by. Neck accessories are quite popular for both men and women.

Hair is usually trimmed short and kept very neat. The same can be said for facial hair with many choosing to go clean shaven.

The Hesperides

The People and Lands of Hesperides

The people of Hesperides hailed from Kronslund and Aesmoor. The contrast between the two peoples is quite an interesting sight as both peoples are polar opposites to each other. Those of Kronslund descent tend to be taller than average where those of Aesmoori descent are shorter. The former also tends to be fairer in skin, where as the latter is much harier and swarthier.

The lands of Hesperides sit firmly in the southern region of Jotunland, deep in the heart of Verdant Expanse. This gives them quite a humid climate with a huge variety of vegetation around them. Recently the forests around the city have begun to be clear cut to make space for farming, much to the chagrin of the Saurian Tribes. It is this issue of land that most often causes contention between the Saurian tribes and the people of Hesperides. The most interesting thing here is the Verdant Expanse which bears many dangers and rewards. Many a brave adventurer has sallied into its dark shadows only to never come back. However enough do return that tales of strange temples, mysterious dark powers, and unimaginable wealth have made their rounds; which always draws more unwary travelers into the Expanse’s embrace.

The main threats that plague the people of these prosperous lands have mainly been bandits and hillfolk. Orcs and goblin bands do occasionally appear, but those are of a decidedly rare occurrence. The main worries though that Galimond has, is the skirmishing that is taking place with the New Empire, and the riots and raids that have been incited in their non-human quarters.

Necessity’s Wear

If all the clothing in the Hesperides could be summed up into 1 word it would be “utilitarian”. Stuck one of the most abysmal and dangerous places in the known world, the clothing has had to radically adapt. Lacking ornamentation of any kind, most clothing in the Hesperides consists of multiple light layers, often moisture resistant. Additionally many wear special pants to protect themselves against leeches and other jungle parasites. Ornamentation is non existent except for clothing that is being worn specifically for show.

In regards to hair, it is most often dependent on the person’s comfort level, with most opting for no facial hair, and simple but well maintained haircuts. Insects breeding in one’s hair is a great concern here and specialized parasite combs are a must.

The Lands and Clothing in Jotunland

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