The Religion of the Elves

The Elven faiths have morphed and grown continuously over the millennia they have existed for. Adapting to new developments in the world, the Elves believe that the Gods are ever-watching. It is important to keep in mind that not all political decisions are made with consultation to faith – i.e. worshippers of a peaceful God are not destined to eternal peace even when it is necessary to fight.


The Old Faith, Elves of all modern Elven religions still believe the stories told by L’anuiri tales. According to scripture, Tordynaar and Imryll were brother and sister, roaming the vast void for eons before the world was created. Finally bored of each others’ company, the two set out to build something magnificent between them. Working with naught but their sheer will, Morinar was born.

Imryll created the surface, everything within it, and everything attached to it. Whether trees, flowers, rock, or magma, she ensured that everything had a purpose. Meanwhile Tordynaar created beasts to roam upon the surface. He crafted them in a way that would challenge them, but still allow them to survive if they had the mettle. Slowly, a competition began to brew between the brother and sister. While Tordynaar kept making newer and newer forms of life, Imryll continuously found ways to challenge them further. This carved the realm and lesser beings as we know them today.

Once again growing bored of their respective roles, the two decided to alternate their responsibilities. Now, Imryll would make the creatures, and Tordynaar would challenge them. This began the Elven race – born from within the countless trees of Blood Wood, the Elves were the smartest being to grace the realm since its inception. With this intelligence, the Elves spread far and wide, developed cultures and technologies, and learned to tame the land and its beasts. Millennia of attempts left Tordynaar frustrated – he was unable to destroy these beings without a direct interference. Not willing to lose, and jealous of Imryll’s thriving creations, Tordynaar decided to create beasts once more. And thus the Orcs and Goblins were made, with the sole purpose of bringing destruction.

Tordynaar and Imryll continue to challenge each other in different ways, and this can sometimes be a blessing, and sometimes a curse. It is said that the Dwarf God Moradin was built from the rock by Imryll, and that the Men of Morinar were born from the dirt with Tordynaar’s hand.


When “The Green Ravage” took place, many Elves began worshipping Tordynaar over Imryll. They felt that if Tordynaar was able to create beings that destroy the elves, then he must be more powerful than their own creator. The Tordynaari are typically more violent. They are warriors, strategists, and workers. They believe that the future of the Elven race will be determined by their ability to fight.


Once the worshippers of both Gods, these Elves have forsaken Tordynaar for bringing about “The Green Ravage”. They worship Imryll wholeheartedly, and insist that the Creator is more powerful than the Destroyer. The Imrylli tend to be wise and scholarly. They are peaceful, often introverted, and proud. They believe that the future of the Elven race is definite, and that the challenges they face will be overcome at some point of time or another. This has led them to be very passive in activity outside the Elven realms.


The Elves of Ta’wyn believe that the Gods are above mere beings – they do not quarrel in ways that cause wanton destruction. The Ta’wyni believe that the brother and sister must have had a father, and that He was the true God. Ta’wyn – their father – is the master of the realm – of things both living and dead. He created Tordynaar and Imryll as children, and set them out to do as they wished. Those of this faith believe that the two will be punished for their truancy, and that Ta’wyn will arrive on Morinar afterwards to repay the Elves for their loss. The Elves of this faith tend to be of all sorts – some are warriors, others are teachers, and some merely preach. The believers are outspoken in their trust of Ta’wyn, and this often causes them trouble with those who believe their own Supreme Being to be the True Supreme Being.

The Religion of the Elves

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