In the Shadow of Titans

Job 5 - Godin and Co. Strikes Back

Striding forward to meet their blackmailers, and ambushers, Godin and Co stepped forward to explain to them that by using hallucinogenic mushrooms, they had managed to drug the food and drink of the caravan drivers, rendering them either unconscious or incapable of putting up much resistance.

Falling for their deception by the narrowest thread, the ambushers would soon turn into the ambushed as they stepped out from their positions at the mountain pass and met with Godin and Co to finish off the supposedly knocked out caravan. Pausing to ensure that no belligerent wildlife would be drawn to the seen one of the ambushers was skillfully persuaded to check the area by Haleigh.

Despite the presence of an ogre mercenary amongst the ambushers, Godin and Co continued with the plan regardless, and a terrific battle ensued, that saw all of the ambushers slain, with heavy losses due to the ogre warrior, which was finished off only after numerous rifle volleys along with the combined work of Kazgar and Haleigh. Godin personally made quick work of several of the other ambushers with a combination of pistol and rapier.

With the conclusion of the battle, the caravan made ready to go once more, but was soon interrupted by a Norkrag runner. It seemed that the good Professor Beaumais was to soon arrive and be in town for a week to lecture at Redbeard University. Making the hard march back and trusting Norkrag to finish his delivery, Godin and Co. made it back to the Black Iron at the end of the second day of lecturing.

Ingratiating themselves into the crowd at a nearby university pub, they heard conflicting opinions of the students either believing that Beaumais was preaching some end of the world babble or enthusiastically relating new areas of study. It was here they also discretely acquired a single pass for his lectures for the week.



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