In the Shadow of Titans

Job 5.5 The University

Having acquired a pass, Godin and Co decided that the best way to go about their infiltration was to have Sel’yn pose an Elven noble, and have Kazgar be her aide and spokesperson, as Sel’yn was an easy read. Travelling into the university they wandered around, coming under fire as they neared the labs from a group of dwarves who made many jeers and insults and the unlikely pair, which caused Kazgar to have a melt down on Sel’yn.

Despite the setback, Sel’yn and Kazgar made it to the lecture on time where Hayleigh and Godin were waiting at. Due to the dispute, the partners going into the lecture were switched at the last minute, with Sel’yn and Hayleigh going into the lecture with Kazgar, and Godin waiting for them outside.

Once in the lecture quickly filled up with all manner of guests. Sel’yn and Hayleigh didn’t have to wait too long though before the Ovsten’s along with Beaumais appeared. From there Beaumais proceeded to give a grand lecture about a new age in which living gods reigned, and that a new world order would appear. Naturally this didn’t sit well with quite every member of the crowd, one of which heckled Beaumais quite aggressively. He was called to the pulpit to test his belief against the reality of Beaumais’s words… Needless to say the heckler did not get out of that challenge well at all, especially with his head burst like a ripe melon by a stone tentacle that wormed its way under his skin like a leech.

With this gruesome sight before them, Sel’yn and Hayleigh were frozen stiff in fear as noone else seemed to be raising a hand to stop the spectacle. On the other side though, Godin and Kazgar heard the screams, and in the case of Kazgar, rash action was taken. When the same group of engineering dwarves came back, Kazgar had the idea to create a three way disturbance among the guards, and the students, and himself. Unfortunately it didn’t quite work out as intended with the guards being less than impressed, and the students buggering out when lethal force started to be displayed.

Unfortunately for Kazgar it didn’t end there, as a brief scuffle with the university guards saw him on the receiving end of a halberd, and sent to the infirmary with firm warnings to mind his own business next time, if he knew what was good for him. With that done, all that was left was to wait til the end of the lecture which is what Hayleigh and Sel’yn did. Sel’yn quickly filed out, but Hayleigh lingered and called out to Beaumais to see if he would respond.

Hearing the sound of his name quickly caused him to perk up, but there was something there that made his eyes glaze over once more, and go back to absent mindedly answering questions. The slowly dissipating crowd then convinced Hayleigh to leave and reunite with the rest of Godin and Co.

Having seen Beaumais now, the party then made plans to liberate him from Ovsten hands. Taking advantage of the fact that the fate of their erstwhile blackmailers were still unknown, they organized a meeting with the Ovstens to discuss their payment. WIth the meeting set for the next day they decided to observe the house to see if they could figure out Beaumais’s schedule.

Due to the dispute with Sel’yn and Kazgar the rest of the party set off to take care of somethings before their meeting, which left Kazgar on his own. Taking matters into his own hands, Kazgar set off to infiltrate the Ovsten mansion. Sneaking into the back, he was detected by a mere stable hand and forced to kill him, which alerted the guards. Hiding in a hay bale and with the meeting still a while a way, who knows what’ll happen to Kazgar now…



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